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I am fairly new to Blogging, but got started by posting my study notes as a Blog, more for my personal benefit than for anyone else’s. I thought of my Blog as a good Library to keep my notes for easy reference and for safe storage. I have since changed my views on Blogging quite dramatically having read Frank Viola’s Blog “Advice to Bloggers” and realise that with a little more effort and some wisdom, a Blog can become a very valuable tool to instruct and edify other believers in the Body of Christ.

Having made the transition in my mind to make use of technology as a means to minister truths to other people, the first thought was; would Paul the apostle have had a Blog, if such technology was available to him in his day? Paul lived in a day where the Roman Empire ruled the world and for all their wickedness, there was one very good thing the Romans did. There civil engineering was second to none at the time and they built magnificent roads and bridges all over the known world, many of these constructions still survive today. Paul and his companions made constant use of these highways to carry their message far and wide.

Today we have a highway that reaches into almost every part of the world, so apart from the many evils of the internet, we are able to use this technology to carry our message to the ends of the earth in seconds.

This has been the motivation for me to take blogging more seriously as a tool that the Lord can use.

I have found many Blogs that I have read, informative, uplifting and inspirational, but I am also aware that the Spirit expressly warns about doctrines of devils in the last days. For this reason we need to be discerning and be diligent like the Bereans, who ‘searched the Scriptures to be sure that everything Paul taught was correct.

However, under the guise of ‘Discernment’ we can also be critical and pass judgement on other believers, with whom we have a doctrinal disagreement, discrediting them, which is not glorifying to Jesus, nor does it edify.

I have found it a very positive exercise to read a wide range of Blogs, with careful discernment of the doctrine but an exercise in grace, not to judge the motive or the author of the Blog, where I may disagree with his views.

A good example of this is the Blog entitled: Scot McKnight Interview: “The King Jesus Gospel” & McnKnight Responds to Critics

Scot McKnight presents an extremely important view on the Gospel being the good news about a person rather than a plan. I don’t know much about Scot and may not agree with everything he says, nor would I necessarily approve of those he may associate with, but to discount his thoughts on the Gospel, due to prejudice or preconceived perception about a man, would rob me of the important input that he has to offer.

Finally then, I see Blogging as a wonderful way to spread the good news that Jesus is the Gospel and that He currently occupies the most powerful seat in the Universe at the right hand of God the Father, but is so willing to save us to the uttermost.


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